Welcome to CarGuyz!  This website was created by pure passion for great cars and how they have such an impact on the lives of those who consider themselves a “Car Guy”.

Those words “Car Guy” seem almost like a universal term for those who have a thing for fast cars and the beautiful sound of exhaust rumble.  It’s either in the chip or not..  you’re either born a Car Guy or you just drive something because it gets you from point A to point B.

When Cars are in your blood you live and breath the stuff.. you just can’t get enough.  As the old saying goes..  “There’s No Replacement For Displacement” has been near and dear to your heart for ages..  and you are reluctantly starting to come around to smaller displacement Twin Turbo’s!

Shit!  They’re fast and sound good!  ..and 7 speed automatic tranny’s are actually starting to grow on you!

Kurt MaxwellMy name is Kurt Maxwell and I created this website to express my love for cars and to provide a place where I could offer services, advice and cool stuff that only a Car Guy would appreciate..

Lets be clear though..  The term “Car Guys” does not mean that it’s some exclusive club for Men..
Oh No..  It’s just a universal term that applies to ALL who love cars..  Women included!

A few Pic’s of me.. one with my friend Emerson Fittipaldi (The Great Race Car Driver)..

My history with cars goes back a long time where I can remember laying on the ground at night under an old dirt track race car as a 8 year old boy handing my father wrenches while he repaired his car before the race the following day.

As for my professional life I spent over 20 years in the car business..  over 15 of those selling Mercedes-Benz.

I held a number of positions in management including General Manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in the northeast, Used car Manager at several high-line dealerships and a buyer for many large dealer groups where I traveled around the country to all the high-line auctions buying and selling high end cars.

I have bought and sold “thousands” of cars at auction and retail over the years and this experience has given me unique perspective about the inner workings of how car dealerships operate from a business point of view, but  “knowing” how to appraise a car and see the history has become more like an art.

One thing I’ve always been known for is a great eye for cars..  I can see all the paint work, neglected, and abused cars 20 yards away.  I am also known for buying “perfect cars”..  I just have a thing for a car that is “In The Wrapper”.

This website will grow and evolve over time with great stories and video about cars that we all would like to have in our garage, services that we all need from time to time and helpful tips that can save money and aggravation and cool products that say to the world..  Yeah.. I’m a Car Guy!

Stay tuned and visit often..

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