2015 BMW M4 Coupe – Replacing the M3?

The new BMW M4 does not actually replace the M3…

The new designation M4 will be for the 2dr coupes, while the 4dr will retain the M3 designation.

BMW is giving the 2dr coupes an even number to separate it from it’s 4dr brother.  So in case you were wondering if the M4 was larger… Nope…  same body with two less doors!

The new M4 this year will get a new motor…  they decided to drop the V8 in favor of a twin turbo 3 liter straight six which produces 425-hp and 405 lbs/ft of torque…  My first thought was… oh no… a six banger vs a V8??        This new motor actually produces MORE torque than the previous V8!

This new M4 is actually faster around the famous Nurburgring race track by a full 15 seconds!

It seems that all the new cars are coming out with smaller displacement motors these days… and they are faster and lighter!

To give you some perspective… the new 2015 Formula One race cars are moving away from a V8 engine to a 1.6 liter V6!   You read that right… 1.6 Liter!   ..however it produces 600+ hp at 15,000 RPM’s!  They will also have what is called “KERS” (Energy Recovery System)… which will allow them to add an additional 160 hp for bursts that can last up to 33 seconds which would bring it up to around 760 hp!

All from a 1.6 Liter motor…  you could pick that thing up and run off with it!  ..so as technology advances… we must put away our old beliefs that brought about the famous saying…
“There’s no replacement for DISplacement”…    Yeah… I still love to say that though!

Anyway… where were we..?  Oh yeah… The new M4

So… lets take it for a spin..  Check out this video…

Yep… this car is pretty damn cool if you ask me…  I have to say the Twin Turbo Inline Six is bad ass!

Here’s some pics so you can get a better look at the car:











There you go BMW fans!  Yeah… I completely dig this car and I really think BMW did a great job with the styling… by maintaining the mean look of the M-Series.  Bimmers all over the world are giving each other high fives over this car… there’s no doubt about that.

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