E55 AMG – Mercedes-Benz

 The E55 AMG is a Beast…

This is a very interesting animal… Mercedes-Benz produces this car in a separate plant from the production cars where it is completely hand assembled… start to finish.  Each motor is assembled from beginning to end by one technician…   eliminating multiple sets of hands on such an important project.

The Engine builder actually signs a small plate that is affixed to the top of the motor identifying him as the builder.  All of the interior is created and installed by hand… from the Alcantara Suede headliner and side panels to the hand stitched leather dash and door panels.

The leather seats are a high grade leather… with the AMG logo embossed into the seat back.

The impressive thing about this four door sedan lies under the hood though… a 5.5liter V8 with a huge supercharger sitting on top… and not just any supercharger either…  it’s a twin-screw belt driven blower that turns at 23,000 rpm’s!   Yeah…  469hp and 516 ft/lbs of torque…  talk about a beast!

They didn’t stop there…  basically AMG gave this car a full racing suspension and braking system.  In fact the braking system is a very advanced Brake-By-Wire system called Sensotronic..   without getting too technical…  it knows exactly what the speed of each wheel is and can compute the precise compression needed by any individual caliper in milliseconds…  changing each wheels pressure to stabilize the car.

I owned one of these cars and to this day I am kicking myself for selling it.    I absolutely loved the car… It was like driving a race car… only with four doors and a huge trunk.  It is the reason why so many people loved to modify this car…  by lowering it, putting 19’s or 20’s on it…  and doing some relatively easy mod’s under the hood to boost the hp to over 700 really easy.  It truly was a sleeper… and embarrassed many that were not educated about this car.

I created this video from some of my favorite E55’s so you can see what some owners have done with their E55… enjoy!

Pretty Bad Ass don’t you think?

Here’s a few pic’s so you can get a better look at them…



Look close to see the Plate signed by the Engine builder…

Here’s that Huge Twin-Screw Blower I was mentioning earlier… and if you look real close you can see the plate right in the center of the Supercharger which has the Engine Builder’s signature on it!



Love how this car was lowered…  nice job on this one!







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